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From €165 each way



Please can I have a quote?

Of course! We’ve created a really quick and easy way to get a quote – just fill in the farefinder on the left hand side and we’ll do the rest.
Not a fan of the web? No problem - call us on +44 800 130 0030 and one of our helpful and friendly agents will put together a quote for you. By the way, our fares do change so we can’t give a written quote - it could be out of date by the time you come to book!

Can I turn up at the port and buy a ticket on the day?

You bet, as long as we have room.

Did you know that this isn’t the cheapest way of doing it though? You’ll get our best fares if you book in advance. Check it out online or give us a call on 08716 64 64 64 and we’ll do rest.

I‘m pregnant – can I travel?

Congratulations! There is a little extra admin for our travelling mothers-to-be, if you’re more than 28 weeks – we’ll need a doctor’s certificate so we know you’re fit and healthy enough to sail the high seas.

Is there parking at the port?

Hull has Multi-storey and open air parking available charged at £7.00 per hour or part hour, administered by PPS, you can check with them on / 0845 862 1034 regarding up to date rates/terms.
Zeebrugge: Check with the port on
There is lots of free car parking at the port of Rotterdam/Europoort.

Can I take my pet?

Unfortunately we can’t accommodate our furry little friends on the passenger decks but they can stay in our kennels on board. Foot passengers are able to travel with dogs or cats (no small animals) but the animals must stay in our kennels (excluding assistance dogs). Unfortunately we cannot accommodate smaller animals. Assistance pets travel for free so please give us a call on 08716 64 64 64 and we’ll book your crossing for you.

Travelling by car? Not a problem, your pets can sail with us too! On the North Sea we have kennels to accommodate your pet, simply select that you are travelling with them on the fare finder when booking. Unfortunately we do not have kennels on the Short Sea ships so your pet/s will need to stay in the vehicle for the journey. Take a look at our pets page to find out how to make sure they have the most comfortable crossing possible.

Do I need a passport?

We’re not the experts so it’s best to check with those in-the-know before you travel - But we’d say it’s better to be safe than sorry and pack our passport just in case.

I don’t know my vehicle registration – how can I book online?

Don’t worry! Put “TBA” when booking online and email us on as soon as you know

How do I book different passenger numbers on each leg of my reservation?

Easy peasy! You’ll find a little check box in the fare finder - “the same passengers/vehicle are returning”, uncheck this and pop in your different passenger numbers.

How do I book a one way trip online?

Select “Single” before you choose your route, or select “one way” in the return drop down menu…the choice is yours.

Can I book 2 vehicles/motorbikes/bicycles on one reservation?

Afraid not – we can’t currently book more than one vehicle per reservation.

I need a booking confirmation

No problem, this will be sent to your email address once the booking is completed. You can also re-print the details of your booking by going into My Account, View the booking you want, and select Print Booking Details on the top right hand corner.

Please can I have a VAT receipt for my booking?

There’s no need on a tourist (non-commercial) ticket as VAT is not applied! The ticket that you receive at check-in acts as a receipt for the transaction anyway.
If you reeeeaaallly need a confirmation showing the total cost to you drop us an email at and we’ll email you a copy.

Will I receive tickets before I travel?

You won’t receive tickets from us, but feel free to print off your confirmation if you prefer to have something to refer to when you check-in. Otherwise you can just make a note of your booking reference and quote that at check-in.

I need directions to the port

You’ll find everything you need on our ‘Don’t miss the boat” page, including Satnav coordinates, directions and address details: FIND THE PORT

How do I make an amendment to my booking?

Simple. Go to My Account, select Show Journey Details in the My Journeys section. Find the one you want to amend, and select Amend or Cancel. If the Amend or Cancel icons are not available to select, call us on 08716 64 64 64*and we’ll give you a hand.

Is there a charge to amend my booking?

Sometimes but this will depend on the type of ticket you booked. Saver tickets incur an amendment fee, a re-price and are not refundable. All of our other ticket types offer more flexibility and/or comfort and do not incur an amendment fee, hurrah!

I’ve changed my details, do I need a new confirmation?

Nope you’re good to go, your booking reference will remain the same.

Can I cancel my booking? How much will it cost? Will I get a refund?

This does depend on your ticket type. Take a look at our terms and conditions, paragraph 4iii) for the facts.

Where do the coach transfers go from/to?

Zeebrugge to Bruges: As soon as all passengers are disembarked from the ship and gone through Immigration the coach will depart for Bruges. On weekdays the vessel arrives around 08.45 and at the weekends around 09.30 (Continental time). Transfer time is approximately 20 minutes (16km) depending on traffic. The coach drop off point is at the Bargeplein (Kartelijnparking) in Bruges.
The coach departs from the Bargeplein (Kartelijnparking) at 17.30 sharp to return to Zeebrugge. Please note that although the check-in closes at 17.30, foot passengers using the transfer service are automatically able to check in on arrival at the port.

Zeebrugge to Ostend: The coach will depart following the disembarkation/immigration processes and takes around 45 minutes subject to traffic and drops you off at Mercatorlaan Street coach park. You will be collected from here at 16.45 sharp to return to the port.

Europoort to Rotterdam: The vessel arrives at 08.30 during the week and 09.45 at the weekend approximately (Continental time). Following disembarkation/immigration procedures the transfer leaves from the terminal and goes to the De Jong stop at Conradstraat. Transfer time is approximately 45 depending on the traffic. You will be collected from here at 17.00 sharp to return to the port.

Europoort to Amsterdam: Following disembarkation/immigration procedures the transfer leaves from the terminal and goes to the Barbizon Hotel, Prins Hendrikkade 59-72. The transfer time is approximately 90 minutes depending on the traffic. You will be collected from here at 17.00 sharp to return to the port.

Europoort to Keukenhof: Following disembarkation/immigration procedures the coach departs from the terminal and arrives at Keukenhof around 10.30 (Continental time). The transfer will collect you at 16.45 sharp to return to the port.

How do I book a cabin to include a cot?

If your pride and joy is traveling with you then let us know if they’re aged 2 or over as they’ll need their very own bed. If your little ones are under 24 months then you can bring your own travel cot for them. Select Infant (0-1) in the Who? Section during the booking process and state how many cabins you would like. You will automatically be allocated a cabin suitable for a cot. If you wish to change that cabin

you can do so on the Extras page, by selecting a cabin showing a cot icon. You can only book 1 cot per cabin. We have very few cabins that can take 2 cots, so please contact our call centre to check availability on 08716 64 64 64*.

Can I upgrade my cabin?

Sure! If you fancy a little more room or perhaps you simply want a touch more luxury then an upgrade could help. You will be auto-allocated a cabin based on the bundle you select during the booking process. You have the option to change the cabin type on the Extras page. Please note you have to de-select the auto-allocated cabin before selecting the new cabin type. Please ensure you book sufficient accommodation for everyone in your party. To change a cabin on an existing booking, go to My Account, select Show Journey Details in the My Journeys section, find the crossing you want to, and select Amend or Cancel. Go to Amend Extras and change the cabin there. If the Amend or Cancel icon is not available to select, you will need to call us on 08716 64 64 64*.

Can I leave my luggage in my cabin on a mini cruise?

If you ask us to actually allocate a cabin to you before you travel (we can do that over the phone or email us at you can leave your luggage in the cabin. If you don’t have a specific cabin allocated to you, there is a luggage room and also a safe in which you can store your belongings for extra peace of mind.

What type of sockets are there in the cabins?

All the cabins have 2 pin European style plug sockets, so you’ll need an adapter if you want to use a UK device. These are available in the on board shop so don’t worry if you don’t have one!

What are your contact details?

What are your contact details?

Lost property

If you’ve lost something onboard call us on 08712 220 209 , we’re open 09.00 – 17.30 Monday to Friday.

If I miss my sailing, can I get on another ferry?

Yes you can, if we’ve got room and your ticket type is flexible. Check out the terms and conditions, paragraph 4iii) and our Which Ticket? Page for the details.

What can I bring with me?

When you travel with us there are no baggage restrictions – it’s simply a case of how much you can squeeeeeze in!
However, there are a few items you cannot carry, when you sail with us, for security reasons:

Fuel: No fuel containers may be carried.

Gas: Gas cylinders can be carried but must be declared at the time of booking. On Short Sea and North Sea routes, gas with a weight of up to 47kg (excluding the weight of the gas receptacle) may be carried. On Irish Sea routes, up to 3 gas cylinders of no more than 11.2kg may be carried. All cylinders must be adequately secured against movement of the ship with the supply shut off at the cylinders during the trip. Leaking and inadequately secured or connected cylinders will be refused shipment.
A maximum of 6 cylinders of medical oxygen for personal use may be carried, as long as a letter – stating they’re required for medical reasons - from your doctor is provided.

Firearms: Any passenger wishing to travel with firearms, airguns or ammunition must phone our Contact Centre on 0800 130 0030 to obtain a firearms registration form. Any required licences must be carried for all such items. Foot passengers are not permitted to carry firearms. Please note, it is your responsibility to fulfil any customs regulations, criteria or law with respect to the carriage of any firearms, airguns or ammunition. You will also need a European Firearms Pass to take firearms into EU states.

Explosive substances: No explosives may be carried.

Alcohol: It is forbidden for passengers to take alcohol on board for consumption whilst travelling. Passengers that bring alcohol on board for their own consumption run the risk of confiscation by our security agents. Alcohol should be consumed only if that was purchased on board in the bars or restaurants. We reserve the right to to confiscate all alcohol which was not purchased in the bars or restaurants without compensation (this also applies to alcohol purchased in stores on board if consumed whilst travelling).

I have an electric car

If you’re a friend to the environment and are looking after it by driving an electric car, please make sure you top up your supply before you leave the UK as currently we are unable to charge them during the crossing.