P&O Super-Ferries Sustainability

Sustainability has been a big factor when designing the new P&O super-ferries, as we want to do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment. In addition to our dedication to making these super-ferries as eco friendly as possible, we have ensured that they can be updated as technologies advance with the hope that one day they could become zero emission ferries.


Eco-friendly super-ferry features


Our new super-ferries boast a whole range of eco-friendly features that make them a sustainable transport option for your trip to France and beyond.


  • A double-ended design with two bridges to reduce fuel use
  • The ability to cut fuel use by 40% through a combination of fuel and battery propulsion
  • A power management system that shuts down parts of the ship when not in use
  • A heat recovery system that saves fuel and reduces carbon emissions
  • Generators which can be exchanged for batteries with advances in technology
  • Azimuth thrusters which enable optimised manoeuvring for lower fuel consumption


Our super-ferries will be able to carry out the same schedule as we have currently but will use less power, meaning that we can provide the same great service with a reduced carbon footprint. We’re excited about taking steps towards a zero-emissions ferry future and hope that you’re just as excited about coming on board!


In the meantime, why not take a trip to France on one of our current Dover to Calais ships? With delicious dining options and duty free shopping to enjoy, sailing across the Channel is the perfect start to any holiday. Book your crossing today.