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Road Trip Freedom

Our ferries from Ireland to Scotland welcome everyone, from foot passengers to those travelling with their own vehicle. Whether you’re embarking on a solo road trip with your car, travelling for work in your van, planning a family holiday in the caravan or setting off on a cycling trip with your bike, you can enjoy your journey across the Irish Sea in comfort. Plus, you’re free to update your passenger and vehicle registration details for the Larne to Cairnryan ferry right up until the day of travel.

Book your ferry from Scotland to Northern Ireland directly to get the best deals and begin planning your next adventure with P&O Ferries.

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Billets disponibles pour cet itinéraire


  • Notre meilleure offre - réservez et voyagez le jour même
  • Toute modification ou changement entraînera des frais
  • +/- 4 heures à partir de l'heure réservée (sous réserve de disponibilité)
  • Non remboursable
Standard Horaire

Standard Flexi

  • Un peu de flexibilité sur l'heure de votre départ
  • Pas de frais de modification si vous changez votre réservation, mais le prix du billet sera différent
  • Remboursable
Standard Flexi Horaire

100% Flexi

  • Toute heure de départ (sous réserve de disponibilité)
  • Aucun frais de modification et rien à payer si vous respectez la même durée et les mêmes détails de réservation, par ex. type de véhicule, extras
  • Remboursable
100% Flexi Horaire
Les services et les suppl�ments d�pendent de l'itin�raire et de la disponibilit�.
Get a deal on ferries to Ireland from Scotland

Want to book a Larne to Cairnryan ferry for less? To get the best ferry deals on our crossings to Northern Ireland, book in advance – and make sure you check our website regularly for the latest offers on our Larne to Cairnryan ferry route. Or you can let us do the work and send the latest deals straight to your inbox when you sign up for email alerts for our ferries to Ireland from Scotland.


Before booking one of our ferries to Northern Ireland, check out the different ticket types available which come with no hidden costs. Travel by ferry, Cairnryan-Belfast via our Larne port and start exploring Northern Ireland.


Begin your next adventure to Northern Ireland with P&O Ferries and get the best deals when you book directly!

Visit Northern Ireland by ferry

Visit Belfast by ferry

Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast, is a top city break destination with world-class food, lively nightlife and plenty of attractions to explore. Famous landmarks in Belfast include the City Hall in Donegall Square, Cathedral Quarter, the Metropolitan Arts Centre, and the Ulster Museum.

Getting to Belfast is easy too, with multiple ferries to Belfast every day on the Larne-Cairnryan ferry route from Scotland. Travel by ferry from Scotland to Northern Ireland and back again with P&O Ferries.

Planning to get the ferry to Northern Ireland for your next adventure? With P&O, taking a ferry from Scotland to Northern Ireland has never been easier. Book your next trip today to get the best deals!

Things to do in Northern Ireland

Whether you’re looking for a family holiday, city break or relaxing weekend away, a holiday in Northern Ireland has something for every kind of traveller. Disembark the ferry from Scotland and head to County Antrim, home of the famous Giant’s Causeway, for some of the most spectacular coastal views in the UK. It’s also renowned for being one of the best road trip spots in the world – perfect if you’re travelling with your own vehicle on the Larne-Cairnryan ferry.


For history buffs, the Renaissance city of Derry is a must-visit as the last remaining walled city in Ireland, as well as Dunluce Castle for some of the most picturesque medieval castle ruins in the country. When your trip comes to an end, catch the ferry from Northern Ireland to Scotland from Larne to Cairnryan for a fast journey back across the Irish Sea with P&O Ferries.

For more inspiration, check out our Northern Ireland Travel Guides to plan your next trip with one of our ferries from Scotland to Northern Ireland and get the best prices when you book directly today!

Onboard Services & Entertainment
Your break begins the moment you step onboard when you sail from Cairnryan to Larne with us. From eating and drinking to relaxing in Club Lounge and shopping in our World Duty Free store, you’ll find lots to keep you occupied during your ferry crossing to Northern Ireland. Plus, you can enjoy FREE WiFi when you travel on our Cairnryan to Larne ferry route.

Get the most out of your ferry crossing to Northern Ireland and get the best prices directly when you book with P&O Ferries!
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