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Short breaks to Ireland

There are loads of options for short breaks to Ireland when you sail into Northern Ireland with P&O Ferries. There are plenty of places you can explore in Northern Ireland with some of the popular locations being: Belfast, Antrim, County Fermanagh and Derry. A major benefit of travelling by ferry to Ireland is you will have your car and can easily drive to some of the favourite locations in the Republic of Ireland including Dublin, Cork and Kilkenny.

Book direct with P&O Ferries to secure the best offers for your short breaks to Ireland. You can also bring your pet on this two hour crossing, they will stay in the vehicle, but we are sure they will love exploring the iconic landscapes of Ireland.

Family short breaks to Ireland

There are so many options when planning family short breaks to Ireland, whether you want to explore the countryside, their bustling cities or step back in time with the Celtic relics. There are so many opportunities to explore something new as a family like caving in County Clare. Or you can enjoy more relaxing quality time together walking and talking in the countryside.

During the summer months we have children’s entertainers on board and our food and drink outlets have children menus available.

Romantic short breaks to Ireland

Short breaks to Ireland are the perfect excuse for a romantic get-away. You don’t need to wait for a “Leap Year” to escape to County Wicklow near Dublin, where the film Leap Year was based, it is a lovely location for a romantic get-away. County Wicklow is known for its mixture of mountains, coastline and the Wicklow way.

Visiting Galway is another popular choice when picking romantic short breaks to Ireland, especially since Ed Sheeran released his popular song talking about this location. If you visit Galway don’t forget to check out the Latan Quatar, with it is cobblestone streets full of independent pubs, theatres and restaurants it is perfect for date night.

Or you could head to Cork and have a romantic walk along the jaw-dropping Ballycotton Cliff Walk.

City short breaks to Ireland

There are loads of vibrant cities to explore in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Dublin is the home of Guiness, but also a literature rich culture, perfect for a book worm. Or pop to Belfast you could enjoy the bustling city metropolis or sit back and relax in the Botanical Gardens. Or why not explore Cork that has a rich variety of cultural attractions with a strong seafarer history – is the perfect location to visit after you’ve found your sea legs.

Active and adventurous short breaks to Ireland

With so much countryside to explore there are loads of opportunities for active short breaks to Ireland. Pack your walking boots and explore the historic sites and iconic scenery that County Antrim has to offer. Or explore the nature around Derry, by visiting popular locations such as Ness Country Park.

If you want to pick up the pace than County Fermanagh is a sporting paradise. You could take on the Kingfisher Trial, a 230 mile stretch perfect for cycling.

What are you waiting for book your P&O ferry and start planning your next adventure!


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