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A picture-perfect destination overflowing with old-world charm; you'll find a wealth of things to do in Bruges.

This fairy-tale town located in the Flanders region is just 25 minutes from the port of Zeebrugge.

Retaining the mysteries of the Middle Ages, Bruges has been an international metropolis for centuries and is packed with flawlessly preserved medieval buildings, endless photo opportunities and iconic Gothic landmarks, including the famous Belfry tower. If you're keen to travel further afield, the surrounding area is home to mysterious forests, stunning villages, dreamy castles and ancient abbeys that are just waiting to be explored.

Our Mini Cruises to Bruges allow you to explore the city at your leisure, whilst enjoying the on board experience! Get a good night’s sleep in one of our cosy cabins and arrive in to Zeebrugge refreshed and ready to explore!

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The lavish landmarks of Bruges

The charm of Bruges is most apparent in the UNESCO Heritage Listed cobblestone market square, location of many historical highlights including the soaring 12th Century Belfry Tower.

This medieval bell tower is the most prominent landmark in the whole of Bruges, and is a central backdrop in the award-winning 2008 comedy film In Bruges. Also featured in the film is the historical Basilica of the Holy Blood, a stunning Gothic church with an exquisite interior.

Another essential part of the Bruges skyline is the spiralling tower of the Church of Our Lady, the second tallest brickwork tower in the world.

Visit Bruges have put together some fab Virtual Tours for you to enjoy, so why not head over to their website and start exploring this beautiful city.

Bruges: Home of the Flemish Primitives

Packed with world-famous museums within walking distance, discover the renowned paintings of Jan Van Eyck, Hans Memling and other Flemish masters in the very city they were made in. Crowned the Flemish Primitives, this talented group of artists made a name for themselves in the golden age of the 15th Century.

See an extensive collection of their celebrated work, alongside other Neoclassical art at the Groeninge MuseumSt John's HospitalSt Saviour's Cathedral and the Church of Our Lady.

Bruges: A Romantic Hotspot

Positively overflowing with old-world charm, this beautiful city setting makes Bruges the perfect romantic escape.

Whether its taking a stroll along the postcard-perfect cobbled streets, enjoying world-famous waffles in one of its charming squares or discovering its picturesque parks, there is no better place to spend time with the one you love.

Bruges: about and beyond

Bruges' extensive waterways make a canal cruise a must for every visitor's itinerary. For those on foot, the array of picturesque cobbled paths, stunning parks and canal-side walks by Groenerei and Peerdenbrug make for a romantic activity whatever the season. Those looking to explore further can hire a bike or drive to explore the quaint neighbouring villages of St Anna, Damme or the beachside port village of Zeebrugge. For a self-drive adventure, visitors can embark on a journey to the World War I battle site of Flanders Field.

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