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Forever associated with the Dutch industrialist Gerard Philips and his renowned tech company, Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands.

Despite only being a small village 100 years ago, the exponential growth of this city has seen it transformed into the capital of Dutch industrial design, hosting the Dutch Design Week in October and acting as a magnet for creative talent across the world.

Sprinkled with eye-catching architecture, fascinating museums and a world-class art gallery, this cultural hot-spot is a great undiscovered alternative to Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Visit this Dutch gem by travelling with P&O Ferries today.

Top Local Museums in Eindhoven

If you want to get up to speed on the history of the city, there's nowhere better to visit than the Phillips Museum, the company that gave the town its international fame. As well as telling the story of how two brothers went from working in an old factory to becoming one of the world's iconic brands, it's also an interactive exhibit where kids and grownups of all ages can learn about electronics.

If you're looking for cultural things to do in Eindhoven, swing by the Van Abbemuseum where you'll see some of the most important artworks in the Netherlands. This architectural masterpiece contains a collection of 2,700 creative works, which includes paintings by the great Picasso, Rodin and Kandinsky.

For automotive fans, check out the cars, trucks and vintage vehicles at the DAF museum. Kids will love a chance to step back in time and learn about technology from a bygone era.

Architecture in Eindhoven

As well as its associations with design, Eindhoven city centre is a hub for creatives, and the array of unique architecture is testament to this.

One of the most iconic structures you'll spot is the gleaming glass building known as 'The Blob' – Binary Large Object – which acts as the entrance to the Admirant shopping mall. This futuristic construction style is further apparent when you spot the UFO spaceship shaped conference centre Evoluon, which was built in 1966.

A short distance from the buzzing heart of the city in Wilhelminaplein, the dual spired St Catherine's Church provides a contrast to the modern buildings around it. Built on the site of a medieval church bombed in World War II, this church is a striking example of Gothic revival architecture.

Exploring Eindhoven

The best way to explore Eindhoven is with a guided walking tour with a local resident to share all their locals secrets and history to ensure you make the most of your visit. For those seeking evening entertainment, there is nowhere better than Het Stratumseind. This party street contains more than 40 cafes, bars and restaurants and boasts one of the best nightlight scenes in the Netherlands.

For scenic delights, head to Genneper Parken and Stadswandelpark, where along with green lawns, sculptures and water views you can discover the fascinating Ton Smits Huis cartoon museum and the open-air museum preHistorisch Dorp Eindhoven which transports you back to the Iron Age and medieval times.

For a self-drive adventure, head to the neighbouring village of Nuenen to visit the Van Gogh Village, where you can walk in the steps of the great painter and see the many places that inspired him to produce over 200 works of art here.

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