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If you enjoy a drop of the amber nectar, one of the many great beer tours in Belgium will be right up your street. Wandering through the country's city centres, you'll find a whole host of fantastic bars and breweries within a stone's throw of each other.

Visit Brussels in the late fall and early winter and you can take a self-guided tour of the world-famous Cantillon Brewery as the dedicated producers work around you. In bruges and Flanders, you'll find the nation's signature heady ales and brews the monks would have been proud of - in fact, six of world's 12 Trappist breweries are in belgium. Head towards Ypress to get right to the source of the nation's favourite drink. the nearby Hopmuseum popering gives a unique insight into the history of Belgian beer, and more than a few local samples to try.



Brussels, the vibrant capital of Belgium, is a historic city which boats dazzling architectural splendour at its core in the Grand Place, as well as top-notch attractions and eateries at every turn.

Top attractions to see in Bruges

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The timeless allure of Bruges can be found in its medieval buildings, flowing canals and cobbled streets full of horse-drawn carriages. Once you ve taken in the beauty of the city centre a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site head to one of the 14 city-owned museums to learn more about its colourful history.

Top attractions to see in Brussels

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