Also known as the “Rose City” due to the pink hue given to many of its buildings, Toulouse is a beautiful holiday destination that offers visitors plenty to do, and delicious food to eat, during their stay.

With stunning architecture, pretty green spaces, and fascinating museums to explore, you will find a whole variety of things to do in Toulouse that are sure to make your break here one to remember.

You can reach Toulouse in 9 and a half hours by car from the port in Calais, and with plenty of places to stop off on the way you can turn this into a great road trip if you want to visit some different destinations en route.




















About the city

Explore Toulouse’s Old Town

Toulouse was a very successful trade hub back in the 15th century, and the city’s Vieux Quartier, or Old Town, shows just how rich the residents were due to its collection of impressive buildings with elegant facades.

You can explore the area by wandering along the winding passageways leading from the Place du Capitole, where you will also find the City Hall and Opera House nearby, plus the Basilique Saint-Sernin which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and recognisable due to its octagonal spire.

Those who need a little retail therapy should head to the Rue d’Alsace Lorraine which is home to a number of boutiques and high-end shops, making it perfect for a spot of window shopping too!


Take a walk

There are plenty of places to take a walk in Toulouse which offer lots to see or a peaceful setting for you to enjoy. Walking along the Pont Neuf, the city’s oldest bridge, is a great place to start as it boasts amazing views and you can choose to cycle across it if you would rather explore on two wheels. The bridge links the Old Town with the Place-St-Cyprien, and it is illuminated different colours at night creating a wonderful spectacle.

Another lovely place to explore in Toulouse is the Jardin Japonais which has been created to look like the gardens that can be found in Kyoto, Japan. Featuring a lake, a tea pavilion, a red bridge, and plenty of other decorative features, this is a great place to relax when you want to escape the city itself.

Those looking for peace and quiet will love visiting the Convent des Jacobins which was built in 1229 and is a stunning example of gothic architecture. With its light and airy interior and small garden in the centre of the cloister, you’ll find that this is the ideal place to walk around when you need a bit of serenity.

Visit the museums

Toulouse is home to a variety of museums, but those who love fine art should head to the Musée des Augustins where you will find a great range of sculptures, paintings, and special collection from across a number of centuries. Created in 1793, the museum is home to around 4,000 pieces and also offers different workshops and activities for all ages, including sculpting, drawing, writing, and even yoga.

The city’s Natural History Museum may not teach you about the history of Toulouse, but you will be able to enjoy an interactive experience where you can learn all about mankind, nature, evolution, the Earth, and how they all interact with each other. You’ll also find events and workshops which you can attend throughout the year, plus exhibitions about space, science, and technology.

Try Toulouse’s delicious cuisine

One of the best things about visiting anywhere in France is the cuisine, and Toulouse is no exception! This city has plenty of amazing delicacies that you simply have to try, the most popular one being cassoulet which is made from slow cooked meat, beans, pork, and Toulouse’s own sausage. The sausage itself is specific to the city and is made from pork, smoked bacon, garlic, and wine.
You should try eating duck and goose when you visit Toulouse too, the foie gras is particularly good and is usually turned into terrines and pâtés. When you are ready for something sweet, you’ll be spoilt for choice and should opt for Croquants, which are caramelised almond biscuits, or Caraques which is a bright green chocolate tart.
Don’t forget to visit the Marché Victor Hugo, a covered market full of amazing delicacies and a food court, and remember that you can bring all of your favourite treats home in the car to enjoy when you get back.
There are so many great things to do in Toulouse that you just have to visit this city for yourself. Book your Dover to Calais crossing today and you can bring your car, caravan, pets, and bikes with you too!

Walking along the Pont Neuf, the city’s oldest bridge, is a great place to start as it boasts amazing views and you can choose to cycle across it if you would rather explore on two wheels.

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