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Travelling with a Van P&O Ferries


Taking your Van from Dover to Calais

You can sail with your van from Dover to Calais whether you are travelling for business or pleasure when you book with P&O Ferries, so you can be confident that you have all that you need when you reach France.

Making Your Van Booking

If your van is 7m or less in length you will be able to book your trip via our website, just choose ‘Van’ from the drop down list when you make your booking. You will then be asked to enter your van’s dimensions, so please make sure that you have these to hand.

Following this you will be required to tick two boxes: one to let us know if you are travelling with commercial goods, and one to confirm that the goods are non-hazardous. Should your goods be classed as hazardous you will need to call our Freight team on 01304 863875.

Commercial or Personal Goods

Commercial goods include tools, exhibition materials, goods for onwards sale, and removal services. If you are carrying any of these goods you will be charged the correct VAT based on the rate in your country of departure when you place your booking.

If you are transporting your own furniture, hobby equipment, car or boat, these items are classed as personal goods and you will not be charged VAT.

While You’re On Board

You will have access to all of our great onboard facilities when you sail with us, including dining, entertainment, and relaxation options, so whether you are travelling for business or pleasure you will be able to take a break and enjoy the sea views during your crossing.

NOTICE: If you are returning back to Dover from Calais with commercial goods, follow the signs for FRET to check-in when you reach the port at Calais.

Tips for Taking your Van From Dover to Calais

Before you go
  • Check your van’s dimensions so you know if you can book it as a passenger vehicle.

  • If you have hired a van, confirm with the hire company that you can drive it in Europe.
What you can bring on board
  • If you’re carrying commercial goods you will be asked to tick this option during the booking process. Your booking will also incur VAT costs. If you’re planning to carry hazardous items, you should contact our freight office.

  • At port, you may be asked to confirm you’re carrying non-hazardous commercial goods, so be prepared to open your van if asked.

  • If you’re carrying commercial goods, VAT will be charged at the local rate applicable at your departure port.

  • The VAT will be charged in the local currency of your departure port.

  • Both your outbound and return journey will be charged in the same way – you can’t book one way as commercial and one as non-commercial.