Ferries to France

Ferries to France offer the perfect chance to visit mainland Europe in a relaxed and comfortable way. With no luggage restrictions on our Dover to Calais Ferry, and the option to bring your bike, pet, and camping equipment, you can pack everything that you want, not just what you need.


Dover to Calais Crossing


Embark on a premier travel experience with P&O Ferries – where unmatched comfort meets trusted heritage. With decades of maritime excellence, our ferries to France ensure a swift and pleasant Channel crossing. Enjoy flexible travel options, brilliant onboard services and a variety of daily crossings, tailored to your convenience. 


There are plenty of things to do in France, no matter what you love doing on holiday. So, whether you are super active, a hardcore foodie, or a dedicated culture vulture, discover why you should take one of our ferries to France for your next trip.


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Ferries to France FAQs

What foods can you not take to France?

You can take most foods on the ferry to France from the UK if it is for personal consumption. You cannot bring meat or dairy products to France from outside the EU (excluding infant food).

How long is the ferry to France?

Ferries to France will take around 90 minutes from Dover to Calais, meaning there’s no need to plan for a long journey or an overnight ferry to France.


How much is the ferry to France?

Our ferries to France start from £63 for a single trip and vary depending on the number of passengers, vehicle type, and flexible travel options. For more information on the cost of a ferry to France from the UK, visit our fare finder page.


Where can you get a ferry to France from UK?

You can get a ferry to France from the UK from the Port of Dover in Kent, with the journey to Calais taking around 90 minutes.


Can I take my dog on the ferry to France?

The P&O Ferries pet lounge means your furry friends can accompany you in style on our ferries to France from the UK. Our luxurious pet lounge is perfect for you and your dog, with large booths and an exercise deck for stretching their legs.


Benefits of Taking Ferries to France

There are loads of great benefits associated with ferry travel. From being able to step out into the fresh air whenever you like, to enjoying a delicious meal with uninterrupted sea views, travelling to France by ferry is the perfect way to start your holiday.

Relax in the Club Lounge

There’s no better way to travel to France than in complete all-inclusive luxury, and this is exactly what you can expect in the Club Lounge across our ferries to France. Indulge in our new all-inclusive service, with complimentary hot and cold drinks, and a range of snacks. Order delicious items from the exclusive Club Lounge menu, and watch the waves roll by from your own comfortable seating area – away from the crowds on our Ferry to France.

Enjoy endless freedom

One of the best things about taking ferries to France is that you won’t have to worry about cramped seats or limited legroom. In fact, you can spend the whole 90 minutes wandering around the ship and stretching your legs before driving to your final destination if you like.

Choose from a wide range of food options

On our ferries to France, you can choose from a range of foods in the Food Market or if you're travelling in our Club Lounge you'll have access to our Club Lounge menu. From breakfast pastries to light bites, we’re confident there’s a perfect dish on board for everyone. Plus, you get to enjoy your meal with some stunning sea views!

Pack all you can carry

When you travel by ferry to France, you won’t need to worry about packing that extra pair of walking boots, or limiting how many toys the kids can bring, because when you choose P&O Ferries, you can bring as much as you can carry. From toiletries and home comforts to pool inflatables and cycling gear - there’s no need to leave anything behind when you travel on a ferry to France with P&O ferries.

Ferries to France Port Information

Embark on a swift and seamless journey with P&O Ferries to France. Enjoy a comfortable 1.5 hour ferry ride, connecting you to the heart of Paris in just 3 hours. With an impressive 15 crossings daily, our service offers flexibility to suit your schedule. Book your Ferry to France now and experience the ease of travel with P&O Ferries.

Need some more information before booking? Take a look at our Dover ferry port information for our Ferries to France

Explore with our bike when you take a ferry to France.
Taking a ferry to France with your bike

With P&O Ferries to France, you are free to bring along your trusty bike for the journey. You can cycle from A to B and discover even more than you would if you were exploring by foot. Whether you’re bringing a car on board or not, travelling with your bike via ferry is easy, and you’ll be cycling onwards to your chosen destination in no time.

Plus, because we have no luggage limits, you can bring your water bottle, bike repair kit, multiple energy bars and even extra lycra with you!

Take a ferry to France with your dog.
Taking a ferry to France with your pet

When you travel with P&O Ferries to France, you can bring your cat, dog or ferret along for the trip. They’ll need to stay in your vehicle throughout the crossing, but after the 1 hour and 30 minute crossing, you’ll have all the time in the world to enjoy your holiday to France with your beloved pet. 

Whether you want to explore French beaches, take walks past Belgian landmarks, or wander along Dutch canals, you can find your perfect pet-friendly trip with P&O Ferries.

Take your motorhome or caravan to France by ferry.
Taking a ferry to France with your caravan

If you enjoy hitting the open road and seeing where adventure takes you, you’ll love being able to take your caravan or motorhome when you travel with P&O Ferries to France. Bring everything you need to ensure that you’ll feel at home throughout your holiday and get ready to see some fascinating places.

Taking your caravan or motorhome will give you the independence to explore the vineyards, country trails and national parks, before heading back to your cosy caravan when you’ve finished exploring for the day.