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Surrounded by the sea and bursting with character, Brittany is a truly captivating place to discover. Famed for its ruggedly beautiful 700-mile coastlinedelicious foodand its unique culture, it’s one of the most picturesque regions of France, and whether you choose to wander around walled medieval cities, explore tranquil villages or admire Stone Age sites, you'll never be short of things to do in Brittany. 

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French beachside retreats

One of the most famous features of Brittany is its incredible coastline. Surrounding the region with over 700 miles of striking beaches, hidden bays, fishing villages and thriving resorts, the area is perfect for those looking to relax by the sea. 

Western Brittany and the Finistère region have some of the most beautiful beaches while Ploumanac’h on the northern pink granite coast offers spectacular, undiscovered sandy stretches. 

The Crozon Peninsula south of Brest is also the perfect location for boat trips to the gorgeous islands of Ouessant, Sein, and Belle Île.

Medieval Cities in Northern France

Brittany is home to some of the most picturesque Medieval cities in Europe. Explore the charming old quarter of Dinan with its half-timber framed houses, cobbled streets and craft shops. 

Widely regarded as the cultural capital of Brittany, Quimperis one of the best places to experience true Breton culture, especially since it is home to the famous Festival de Cornouaille every July. 

In the heart of the region, Rennes is the gorgeous capital and a hotspot for foodies. The city's famous Saturday morning food market is one of the best is the whole of France. Make sure to stop in this city for some crepes - a true symbol of the region's delicious cuisine.

Historical castles in Brittany

Crumbling castles, defensive forts and elegant châteaux, Brittany has it all. Thanks to its strategically important location along the coast, the region is full of fortifications and inland manors that are waiting to be explored. 

The south-eastern province of Morbihan has the highest concentration of castles, totalling 56, including the fairy-tale Josselin Castle and the royal residence Château de Suscinio

Brittany's castles are some of the most beautiful in the whole country, so make sure to take in the medieval magic at the Castle of Vitré, and the let the kids explore the magnificent 1,000-year old Fougères Castle on the border with Normandy.

Activities in Brittany and surrounding areas

With such a diverse landscape of moors and countryside, there are endless outdoor activities available. Popular choices are cycling tours around Finistère, snorkelling near the 'Coast of Legends' in Pays d'Aber and hiking the many coastal paths.

Brittany also boasts a number of stunning national parks perfect for a self-drive adventure. The marine park of Parc Marin d'Iroise, the marshlands of Brière, and the Armorique regional natural park all make for perfect day trips. The neighbouring region of Normandy offers plenty of attractions, including France's premier tourist spot Mont Saint-Michel. This picturesque abbey perched on a rocky inlet a kilometre into the English Channel is a truly magical sight.

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