Ferries to Ireland

Planning a trip from the UK to Ireland? With P&O Ferries to Ireland, you’ll experience incredible service, food and sea views every time you travel with us. With two hot meals completely free of charge and a cosy cabin for evening ferries, we’ll make sure your trip to Dublin from Liverpool is relaxed and comfortable – not to mention great value.

Liverpool to Dublin Ferry

Book a Ferry to Ireland - Travelling with a Caravan, Motorhome, or Motorbike?

Our ferries to Ireland take 7 hours and 30 minutes, with two sailings per day and plenty of time to chill out in the on-board bars and café, with terrific views as we glide through the Irish Sea. Our Dublin-bound ferries are designed for those travelling with their car, motorhome or caravan – if you’d like to get to Ireland by foot, or with your pet, why not have a look at our ferries to Larne

Check out the best bits about our ferries to Ireland and what to remember before you travel with us. Take a ferry from England to Ireland or Scotland to Ireland with ease and comfort today!

Benefits of Taking Ferries to Ireland

With brilliant Irish Sea views and the relaxed setting of our bars and cafes, many passengers choose our ferries to Ireland simply to stretch their legs and not worry about having no leg room! Others choose P&O Ferries to Ireland for our unlimited luggage policy, or the freedom to bring a caravan or motorhome along for the journey. Travelling by ferry to Ireland from England and Scotland has never been easier or more comfortable!

Two delicious meals free of charge

You won’t leave your ferry to Ireland feeling hungry – we offer two hot meals completely free of charge. Our onboard Food Court offers a wide range of cuisines from around the world, from fish and chips to curry. If you’re travelling in the morning, you can expect a full breakfast and of course, a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Outdoor deck seating

Breathe in the crisp sea air and catch beautiful sea views from our outside deck seating. There are also designated smoking areas for those who require them. Also don't forget to take in the beauty of the open Irish Sea with the added bonus of seeing some wild life one our routes from the UK to Ireland! Ferry travel is the best way to see all that nature has to offer.

Comfortable cabins

Wake up in Dublin feeling well rested and refreshed when you catch one of our night-time ferries to Ireland. These ferry tickets include free accommodation or a place to rest. On our Norbay and Norbank ships, enjoy a twin bed, crisp bed linen and soft towels, with an ensuite shower room, toilet, and space to hang your clothes. Even if you are catching your ferry to Ireland during the day, there are options to book a cabin – just speak to our team at reception or on the port.

Onboard bar and shop

Why not grab a pint or a nice cup of tea and watch the waves roll by from the bar onboard our ferries to Ireland? There’s certainly no need to worry about cramped leg room, with the freedom to stroll around the ship and visit our bars, or even indulge in some retail therapy in our World Duty Free store while you sail on one of our Irish Sea ferries. With so many great reasons to take one of our ferries to Ireland, why travel any other way? Choose from up to two daily sailings between Liverpool and Dublin and start your holiday to Ireland as soon as you step on board.

Motorhome travelling to Ireland on road through mountains
Taking a ferry to Ireland with your caravan or motohome

With plenty of green spaces and long country roads to explore, Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle for a reason! Our ferries to Ireland are a perfect way to travel if you’re planning on a mobile holiday – you can bring your caravan or motorhome along for the journey. Remember to check our caravan requirements before you travel with P&O Ferries and be sure to take advantage of our unlimited baggage policy. 

Man travelling to Ireland on a motorbike through hills
Taking a ferry to Ireland with your motorbike

Taking your motorbike on one of our ferries to Ireland gives you the opportunity to explore this fascinating country at your own pace. Whether you're going to be driving from city to city, or discovering Ireland's natural beauty, doing it on two wheels will mean that you can see the best of everything. It's sure to be an experience you won't forget.