P&O Ferries Limited 2024 Gender Pay Gap Statement

P&O Ferries Limited is committed to the following “Gender Equality Statement”. 


DP World - Gender Equality Statement  


“DP World will lead positive impact within the supply chain industry and across diverse communities towards gender equality by 2030. Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 5) commitment, we take accountability in driving progressive and sustainable actions in attracting, developing, retaining, and supporting the women in our workforce as well as the societies in which we operate.”


Declaring our commitment with global and local partners to achieve our vision is a key first step to drive change. However, gender equality is not a one or even a three-year action plan, it is about putting a sustainable plan in place to achieve progressive actions and removing barriers to help us get closer to our goal.


Gender balance will require an integrated ecosystem, from direction setting, providing the right tools and resources, partnerships, and a supportive infrastructure. All of these must be held together by a clear, visible, and consistent commitment and action from all of us, we must apply a gender lens in everything we do.


P&O Ferries Limited is proud to be a business that champions our women through various initiatives that empower, mentor and open doors of opportunity. To ensure that we continue to recruit and retain great talent, we are committed to a strategy that looks at how we can increase a more diverse workforce, to enable all our employees to reach their full potential, regardless of gender.



Our strategy is simple but an impactful one that is integrated across our business. 


Embedding a culture of equality, opportunity, and aspiration that supports the empowerment of women in the workplace will close the gap in gender pay. P&O Ferries has already seen year on year improvements, which has now been extended to each quartile band.


There is always more to be done and we are dedicated to building further momentum in this area, focusing on fostering a culture which recognises and values diversity.


Our driving forces are outlined in the diagram below


Gender Pay