Things to do in Texel

It takes around two and a half hours to drive from Rotterdam to Texel, including a short ferry ride from the mainland to the island, so you can be exploring in no time at all once you’ve crossed the North Sea.

One of the Dutch Wadden Islands, Texel boasts varied landscapes that make it a very exciting place to explore. With plenty to offer nature lovers, active adventurers, and those who enjoy trying local delicacies and drinks, there are loads of great things to do in Texel.










Lighthouse at a beach in Texel, The Netherlands

About the city

Eating and drinking

Boasting more local delicacies than many big cities have to their name, Texel is a food lover's dream. The island is particularly famous for its lamb, as previously mentioned, due to its distinctly lean and flavourful meat thanks to the salty grass it eats by the North Sea.

If you love dairy products you will really enjoy Texel’s award-winning cheese and chocolate, and you can head to the IJsboerderij Labora dairy farm to see delicious local ice cream being made.

Filtered through the water of the dunes of Texel National Park, Skuumkoppe is Texel’s local beer, and it's named after the coastline's seafoam. You should also try spicy herbal liqueur Jutterje during your visit. The name translates to "little beachcomber" and is perfect for a nightcap after a day roaming the sands.

Dutch Waffles

A seal in Texel

Nature in Texel

Of all the things to do in Texel, no trip is complete without a visit to Ecomare, where injured seals of the North Sea are nursed back to health before being returned to their natural habitat. The centre also keeps birds, fish and porpoises, and includes a museum with exhibits on the island's formation in the Ice Age.

Birdwatchers also flock to the island as it is home to around 300 different bird species, from the short-eared owl to the oldest spoonbill colony in the country. In addition to this, Texel is famous for its sheep, which are highly sought after across the globe due to their lean meat.

Texel activities

Look to the skies while you're on holiday in Texel, as you might just catch sight of people trying out one of the local’s favourite sports – parachuting! The people of Texel are highly active, regularly spending time taking part in sports such as kiteboarding, golf, wind sailing, and hiking in the stunning landscape, all things that you can try for yourself during your visit.

You’ll also find plenty of ways to explore in Texel, including horse riding along the golden dunes, sailing a catamaran off the coast, taking to the skies for a tour by light aircraft, or simply discovering the island on two wheels by making use of its fantastic cycle paths.

Parachuting in Texel

Lighthouse in Texel, Netherlands

Head to the beach

One of the most popular things to do in Texel is to visit the island’s most famous feature, its long stretch of sandy beach. There’s plenty to do here that will keep you entertained, including sunbathing, walking, taking part in water sports, or paddling in the sea.

You’ll love the towering dunes and crystal-clear waters of De Slufter Nature Reserve, which is the only area in the Netherlands where the North Sea reaches the shore unhindered. In the summer months, the surrounding land is vibrant with wild flowers in shades of pink and purple making it the perfect place to take some holiday snaps. 

With plenty of things to do in Texel no matter what your interests are, don’t delay in booking your Hull to Rotterdam crossing and discovering it for yourself. For an extra piece of mind upgrade to one of flexi ticket types for some added flexibility. 

You’ll love the towering dunes and crystal-clear waters of De Slufter Nature Reserve, which is the only area in the Netherlands where the North Sea reaches the shore unhindered

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