Priority Disembarkation

Travelling with a car? Be one of the first to disembark the ferry when you arrive in Rotterdam when you add Priority to your ticket!

You'll benefit from priority parking onboard the ship once you've checked-in, and be one of the first to disembark the ship when you arrive in Rotterdam, meaning you'll be on your way to your holiday destination much quicker. 

Plus, if you book Priority for your return journey as well, you'll be first off the ship quickly and conveniently when you arrive back in Hull without having to wait for the vehicles in front of you to disembark, so you'll be home even quicker.

Unfortunately, those travelling with a pet are not eligible for this add-on as cars carrying pets will be parked close to the kennels and this cannot be guaranteed with Priority.

Benefits of Priority 
  • Priority parking on the car deck.

  • Disembark the ferry first when you reach the port and be on the open road quicker.

Please note: Due to the nature of the Check-In opening times and procedures, Priority Boarding is not available on our Hull to Rotterdam route, instead we offer Priority Disembarkation on this route.

Does my ticket include Priority?

Not included

Standard Flexi

Not included

Fully Flexi

Not included

Available routes
Dover Port
Calais Port
Cairnryan Port
Larne Port