Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Proudly Serving Costa.

Our Coffee Shop is the superb location to cosy up, or relax with our wide selection of hot and cold drinks available. Serving Costa Coffee, you can choose from Espressos, Hot Chocolates, Lattes, Teas or cold drinks.

And for the perfect accompaniment to any beverage, we’re delighted to offer you a choice of biscuits, treats and snacks. They’re great for staving off any hunger pangs or as a little treat in between meals.

The Costa® menu on offer will ensure you arrive at your destination fed, watered and above all, happy.

Departing from Hull, the Coffee Shop is open between 16:00-23:30pm and before arriving in Europoort it opens from 6:30-8:30am. Departing from Europoort is the same 16:00-23:30pm and before arrival in the UK it is open between 5:30-7:00am. On the weekends it is open from 7:00am arriving in Europoort and from 06:00am in Hull.

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Opening Times

Hull Port To Rotterdam Port

06:30 23:30

Rotterdam Port To Hull Port

05:30 07:00