Travelling with a vehicle or bike

Travelling with a vehicle or bike is easy when you choose to sail with P&O Ferries. Whether you’re heading to mainland Europe, Northern Ireland, or Ireland, you can take your car, bicycle, caravan, motorbike or motorhome with you – giving you the flexibility to create your perfect holiday.


Did you know, you can also travel with your van or minibus too? Travelling with a van or minibus for leisure has never been easier, find out more via the links below! Please note, if you are travelling with a van and carrying commercial goods, you will need to make your booking via our freight website.


Taking your vehicle on holiday with you gives you the freedom to explore your destination at your leisure, and enables you to set your own itinerary so you can do what you want when you want to. Plus, we don’t have any luggage restrictions so you can pack everything you need into your car, caravan, or motorhome and won’t have to leave anything behind.

Travelling with a car to Europe
Travelling with a Car

Fill your boot with everything you need and head off on an adventure! When you travel with your car, the possibilities are endless.

Travelling with a bike to Europe
Travelling with a Bike

If you love living life on two wheels, taking your bike on holiday will be a dream come true. Make this a reality with P&O Ferries.

Travelling with a caravan to Europe
Travelling with a Caravan

Bring your caravan on board and discover some of the stunning camping spots that your holiday destination has on offer.

Travelling with a van to Europe
Travelling with a van

Travelling with a van or minibus? Whether you are travelling for leisure or commercial purposes, P&O Ferries and P&O Freight have you covered.