Motorcycle Tours in Europe

Ride some of the best motorcycle routes in Europe, and enjoy breath-taking scenery and countless great pit stop points along the way, when you embark on a motorcycle tour in Europe. 

Take your motorbike on a tour through Europe and enjoy the freedom of the open road, whilst discovering some incredible routes to drive – famous for their popularity with motorcycle enthusiasts. We’ve listed some of the most popular motorcycle tours in Europe below to help you plan that next adventure.

A motorcycle tour through Europe is a great way to meet fellow motorcyclists and exchange some great tips and stories along the way. Not only will you get to connect with fellow like-minded riders, but it’s also a great way to hear about those off the beaten track hidden gems! 

Travelling with a motorbike on the ferry gives you flexibility and ease of travel, allowing you to tailor your motorcycle tour to your own needs. Choose to travel with P&O Ferries and not only will you have a choice of up to 15 sailings a day on our Dover to Calais route, each only taking 90 minutes to reach Calais, but you’ll also receive dedicated secure parking on the car deck. Find out more about some of the benefits of travelling with a motorbike on the ferry below.

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Motorcyle Tour Europe

Motorcycle tours in France

Motorcycle tours in France

From weekend tours through Normandy, to long distance adventures exploring the Pyrenees and even solo rides across the Dordogne region, whatever you choose to plan your motorcycle tour around, France has something for all riders! 

Those looking for mountain views, epic riding routes and the chance to pop over the border into Spain, will undoubtedly want to take on a Pyrenees motorcycle tour. Not only will you be treated to some of France’s finest countryside views on the ride down to the Pyrenees, but you also be able to enjoy the Trans-Pyrenean route, famous for its incredible views and varying terrains. Ride from coast to coast, by starting in Biarritz, riding through the French Pyrenees national parks and ending in Perpignan, or hop over the border into Spain and explore the like of Pamplona and the Basque country.

Looking to stay further north in France? With plenty of motorcycle routes throughout Normandy and plenty of things to do ‘off bike’, the north west region of France is great for all types of bikers. Plus, if you’re looking for endurance filled action, Le Mans is only an hour and a half’s ride from Normandy. Famous for its 24 hr motor race, Le Mans attracts car and motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the word.

If you prefer to take a more relaxed approach to your motorcycle tour, then the Alsace wine route would be a great choice. Ride some of the best touring roads through picturesque wine growing villages, whilst sampling some of the local produce at one of the many local farmers markets along the way. A motorcycle tour to Alsace also gives you the opportunity to ride over the border into Germany to explore the Black Forest – another favourite area with motorcyclists. If you plan to visit the Black Forest then you must include a ride along the B500 - one of the oldest and best-known motorcycle tour roads in Germany!

Motorcyle Tour Europe

European Motorcycle Tours

A motorcycle tour through Europe can offer so much to a rider, whether you’re travelling solo or with a group of friends. From the picturesque vineyards of France through to the mountainous terrains in Northern Italy, with hairpin bends around every corner and some exciting terrains to tackle, exploring Europe on your motorbike gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. 

If you’re unsure where to start when planning your trip, there are some great guided tour companies throughout the UK and Europe which can offer planning and expert advice on the best routes to take. Whether you’re looking for a 5 day tour, a 16 day tour or even longer, planning where to go on your European motorcycle tour can leave you spoilt for choice!

From travelling through the infamous driving routes of Northern Italy, to discovering Germany, Switzerland and even Austria, you will definitely want to make the most of some of Europe’s most scenic and popular motorcycle routes! Not only will you be treated to some incredible views along the way, but you’ll also get to experience various cultural sights and taste local cuisines as you ride from country to country. What could be better? Book your sailing to Europe direct today for the best price!

Motorcyle Tour Europe

Motorcyle Tour Europe

When is the best time to go?

Arguably all seasons offer something very different for an unforgettable motorcycle tour, however if you want to avoid the crowds try planning your motorcycle tour slightly out of the holiday season. Spring and Autumn will still offer plenty of fantastic scenery as the seasons change, and much like Summer can still offer seasonably warm weather throughout Europe. April – October will be your best times to plan a motorcycle tour in Europe.

Don’t forget we also offer night-time and early morning sailings on all our routes, should you wish to hit the open road a little earlier in the day!


Benefits of travelling by ferry

Benefits of travelling with a motorbike on the ferry

  • Up to 15 sailings a day direct to the continent on our Dover to Calais route

  • 90 minute crossing time

  • Dedicated parking area on board

  • No luggage restrictions – simply pack as much as you can into your panniers!

  • Freedom to explore the open road at your own leisure 

Motorcyle Tour Europe

Europe is the perfect destination to plan your motorcycle tour, with every country offering unique places to explore and beautiful scenery to admire!

Motorcycle Holidays in France Motorcycle Holidays in France

Any motorcycle owner will know that there’s nothing like the sense of freedom and exhilaration of a ride – especially when exploring new destinations during motorcycle holidays.

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