Things to do in the Netherlands

A small country with loads of character, the Netherlands has far more to offer than its famous windmills and tulips, although these are both amazing sights to see.

There are loads of places to visit in the Netherlands regardless of what you love to do while you are on holiday. With a whole range of museums and galleries to explore, architecture to admire, and cafes to sit and unwind in, you will be spoilt for choice when deciding what to do during your time in this fascinating destination.

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Dutch Windmills in the Netherlands

About the city

Small Cities in the Netherlands

Although Rotterdam and Amsterdam are two of the most popular cities in the Netherlands, there are a number of other smaller destinations that you could choose to visit.

Located just half an hour from Rotterdam, The Hague is a political powerhouse and is set apart from other Dutch cities due to its baroque design and continental character which makes it the perfect place to visit if you’d like to see something different.

Between Rotterdam and The Hague you will find Delft, a charming city which offers guests the opportunity to take a boat trip past many of its attractions and hosts vibrant open air markets on Thursdays and Sundays which are certainly worth a visit.

Dordrecht is another city that is just a half-hour drive from Rotterdam and is the oldest city in Holland, full of fairytale buildings, green spaces and rivers, you’ll see architecture here that was built as far back as 1175!

The Hague in the Netherlands

Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam

Photo: Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam by Kees Streefkerk


The ferry will take you into the port of Rotterdam which makes this the perfect place to start your trip. Visit the impressive Erasmus Bridge which is a fantastic example of engineering, or take a trip up the Euromast lookout tower which has an observation platform that can offer views as far as Antwerp on a clear day.

You might also like to learn about the city’s impressive maritime history, or simply wander around taking in the fantastic architecture as this destination is home to plenty of bold and modern buildings that are sure to amaze you.


Driving from Rotterdam to Amsterdam only takes around an hour and once you arrive you can lose yourself among the interlocking canals and stunning 17th century houses.

Choose to explore by foot, or hire a bike and travel around on two wheels like a local, and visit well-known attractions such as the Van Gogh Museum, which is home to many of the artist’s most celebrated paintings, and Anne Frank’s house where you can see her famous diary.

Canal houses in Amsterdam

Wildlife at Hoge Valuwe National Park

Dutch beauty spots

The Netherlands is a great place to visit if you want to be at one with nature as it is home to an impressive twenty national parks, including forests, dunes, creek valleys, and lakes, which are spread out across the country.

If you decide to spend time in the national parks you may be lucky enough to spot red deer, otters, seals, and a number of different bird and retiles species too, and you’ll often find activities to take part in, such as mountain biking, walking tours, and horse riding which are sure to keep you active and entertained.

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There are loads of places to visit in the Netherlands regardless of what you love to do while you are on holiday

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