Things to do in Rotterdam

Find out about some of the exciting things to do in Rotterdam during a visit to this energetic and dynamic city.

There are loads of places to visit in the Netherlands regardless of what you love to do while you are on holiday.

There are plenty of things to do in Rotterdam, including visiting museums, dining in waterside restaurants, and seeing some of its innovative architecture, and it has a different feel to other Dutch cities which makes it worth a visit too. Rotterdam is only a stone throw away from Amsterdam and the Hague by motorbike and car. 

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About the city

Rotterdam activities

One of the best things to do in Rotterdam is to take part in some of the city’s top activities, many of which involve exploring and finding some of the best attractions.

Take a boat tour on the Maas River which cuts through the city and provides the chance to enjoy sights from a different perspective, or head up the Euromast Tower for perfect panoramic views. Like Amsterdam, Rotterdam’s landscape is notably flat which makes it easy to explore by bike or on foot.

To experience a truly iconic Dutch landscape, journey through time to the nearby village of Kinderdijk. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to a number of well-preserved 18th century windmills, which are a distinctive symbol of the Netherlands.

Rotterdam’s hop on hop off bus offers a convenient way to see the city, and the lively commentary on board will help you to learn all about the destination and give you the chance to have a closer look at the sights that interest you.


Cube Houses in Rotterdam

Culture and architecture

Much of Rotterdam’s architectural heritage was lost in World War II, but what emerged in its place was innovative, postmodern architecture that can now be spotted from the city centre to the outer suburbs. Taking an architecture walking tour is a great way to see this iconic new wave of architecture, including the impressive Cube Houses and the swan-like Erasmus Bridge. 

Culture vultures will also enjoy the chance to journey through art history at Boijmans van Beuningen, learn about the animal kingdom at the Natuurhistorisch Museum, or enjoy the temporary art exhibitions at Kunsthal, all of which are conveniently located in the Museumpark district. 

Visit Rotterdam Zoo

Established in 1857, Rotterdam zoo is one of the oldest and most popular zoos in the Netherlands. Located North West of the city it is within easy reach from the centre of Rotterdam, whether travelling by car or public transport, making it a great option for a family day out.

Home to a fantastic array of animals and plants from around the world, Rotterdam zoo offers children and adults the opportunity to discover, play and learn! Travel through continents such as Africa, Asia and North America as you explore the different areas of the zoo. Come face to face with animals such as King Penguins, Rhinos, Sharks and Tigers and learn about their natural habitats and the continents they live on. The zoo is also home to a fantastic Botanical Garden, complete with its own tropical butterfly paradise – Amazonica. Throughout your visit you’ll learn about the many great conservation programs the zoo are involved in and ways in which you can help too! From breeding programs to safe guarding natural environments, the zoo are committed in helping protect endangered wildlife and their habitats.

With activities and guided tours running throughout the year, you’ll find plenty to do when visiting Rotterdam zoo.

Rotterdam Zoo

Morrocan Food Market In Rotterdam

Eating and drinking in Rotterdam

Through serving up dishes from all corners of the globe, Rotterdam is a popular destination among foodies who head to its waterfront cafés, cosy brasseries, and fantastic restaurants to try everything that this diverse city has to offer.

As a port city, it’s not surprising that you can find a wide range of multicultural eateries in Rotterdam, including everything from Indonesian and Chinese to stalls serving local delicacies like raw herring or stroopwaffel. 

You can experience many of the best cuisine options under one roof at the Rotterdam Markthal. This huge indoor food court is a great example of modern Rotterdam architecture and is full of artisan bakers, butchers, and upmarket foodie spots.

If you want to discover all of the great things to do in Rotterdam, book your crossing to the Netherlands today and start planning your perfect city break.

Take a boat tour on the Maas River which provides the chance to enjoy sights from a different perspective, or head up the Euromast Tower for perfect panoramic views

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Rotterdam is a city full of unique, modern architecture, including its famous Cube Houses.

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