Modern Slavery Act Statement

Updated: Tue 19 Mar 2024

1. Statement

P&O has pledged to conduct its business in a fair, honest, and open manner. We are committed to zero tolerance of any form of slavery, human trafficking or child labour and all forms of corruption and bribery, directly and indirectly, associated with these criminal acts.

As a Company we have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure modern slavery is not taking place anywhere in our own business or those of our suppliers. To achieve this, the Company ensures transparency within the organisation and with suppliers of goods and services to the organisation.

P&O are to uphold the following principles within our business: -
              (a) To adhere to the principles of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, the United Nations’ Global Compact, UN Declaration of Human Rights and the 1998 International Labour Organisation’s “Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work” in accordance with national law and practice.
              (b) P&O recognises that it is responsible for promoting ethical business practices and policies that protect workers from being abused or exploited.
              (c) To comply with applicable national laws and regulations regarding working hours, minimum wages and benefits. P&O are to ensure a fair wage for fair hours of work for all its workforce. 
              (d) P&O does not tolerate forced labour and will not compel any employee to work against their will, either by intimidation or threat, or by physical confinement, human trafficking, slavery or any other means.
              (e) Not to use child labour younger than the age of 15 and recognising that employment of young children may prevent minors from benefitting from schooling or training and be harmful to their health or development. 
              (f) P&O shall not engage in, or support, the used of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse of personnel. Absolutely no harsh or inhumane treatment is permitted.
              (g) The company endorses that all workers have the right to remove themselves from imminent danger without seeking permission.
              (h) The prevention, detection, and reporting of modern slavery in any part of the Company or its suppliers is the responsibility of all those working for us or on our behalf.
              (i) We have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery in our organisation and our supply chains
We are also committed to ensuring that our suppliers, agents, consultants and contractors throughout our supply chain have or adopt a similar approach. All our suppliers and contractors are required to endorse and adhere to our supplier code of conduct, which includes the above principles. All contracts to be entered into with suppliers and contractors will also contain provisions requiring both parties to comply with all forced labour laws and ensure that neither human trafficking, slavery nor forced labour is taking place either in its business or in any of its supply chains which would violate such laws. The Company shall have the right to terminate any such contracts if this commitment is breached. 

Any person who suspects a breach of this statement and policy may report it confidentially using the Whistleblowing hotline.